The Supertech Group is a world class dealership group that seeks excellence through superior service to others. Backed by over three decades of experience in service and professionalism, the Group currently has three BMW dealerships as well as a BMW Motorrad dealership.

The Supertech Group, Headed by Shabir Tayob (MD), wife Farida Tayob (Director) his son Mohammed Ubaid Tayob (Director), and Financial Director Mahomed Sader, Supertech is an established family run, privately owned business.

Founded in 1983, the brand has built up a proud reputation for success and has consistently exceeded its targets in all areas of operation including after-sales service and customer experience.

Supertech Newcastle opened its doors in April 2015, offering a world class service to the Newcastle and surrounding communities as well as being a strategic midway point for motorists travelling between Durban and Newcastle. The dealership, situated on 1 Albert Wessels Drive, is a certified M-dealership and with its world-class facility, it is a well-known landmark in Newcastle.

The dealership is an example of BMW’s global standards to reflect performance, innovation and luxury, which are values associated with all Supertech dealerships.

The Newcastle dealership also incorporates an Approved Repair Centre, which is widely known for its professionalism and excellent workmanship and continues to help the community and travelling motorists.  

The Supertech Group is committed to investing in social projects that make a difference to the livelihood and wellbeing of the community as evidenced by its impressive BBBEE contributor.

The Supertech Group ensures an ongoing commitment to providing a superior quality service and enhance its status as one of the leading motor dealers in the country.